Protection of environment and protecting natural resources become the subject of extensive social and professional interest. The changing structure of the world economy and way of life demands a need to shift the world economy on the basis of renewable resources. Addressing the issue of alternative and renewable energy sources, including the introduction of new advanced environmental protection technologies is the subject of state concern almost all countries because of its impact on economic and social aspects of our life.

Obtaining energy from biomass belongs to the oldest energy technologies used by mankind. In developing countries, this energy remains the main source of energy. Currently, considering the negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment and Non-renewability of these resources, biomass gets a second chance to become again an important energy source in the area of the European Union. In the near future will occupy a significant place in the fuel-energy base of European countries, including Slovakia and also in relation to the fact that the Union has committed itself until 2020 to produce 20% of energy from renewable sources.

The website gives you an overview of the activities of our company. Currently, one of our main activities include implementation in the Hungary – Slovakia Cross – border Co – operation Programme 2007-2013.